Lunelle soft annual lenses and care products manufactured by CooperVision are a perfect choice if you want excellent compatibility and the best comfort in every situation and condition. With a water content of 70% and a good hydration the lenses provide the highest level of stability and protection also containing an integrated UV-blocker. Contact lenses of this line are the only ones that can correct any type of refractive errors. Lunelle Toric UV lenses are perfect for people with an inner or outer cornea / callosity curvature. They optimally correct the curvature and are suitable for all customers who cannot tolerate ordinary contact lenses. For all customers who want to save on the purchase of Lunelle yearly lenses we recommend our economy packs. Also take advantage of discounts and promotions, such as "Free shipping for order from 60 EUR".
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Lunelle ES 70 UV, 1 soft Yearly Lens by CooperVision

Price: 54.40 EUR


Lunelle ES 70 UV, 2 soft Yearly Lenses by CooperVision

Price: 108.80 EUR

Package price: 107.95 EUR

You save 0,85 €


Lunelle Toric UV, 1 soft Toric Yearly Lens by CooperVision

Price: 88.40 EUR


Lunelle Toric UV, 2 soft Toric Yearly Lenses by CooperVision

Price: 176.80 EUR

Package price: 175.95 EUR

You save 0,85 €


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You can order year lenses Lunelle at a reasonable price now
Lunelle yearly contact lenses have a high oxygen permeability and tear fluid content. It is important for the cornea of your eyes, because it helps to avoid damage. They are suitable for any everyday situation – whether you are in the office, in stuffy rooms, air-conditioned place, on vacation in the heat or cold or when doing sports. The Lunelle annual contact lenses are stable and sit firmly in the eye so you will not feel them.

Contact lenses of Lunelle are made of the innovational material PMMA/PVP which is stable and can resist deposits on the lens such as germs and dirt. Only a thorough daily care of contact lenses can help you to achieve the best comfort. Therefore, Lunelle created a number of Easy Sept means which clean the lenses perfectly from debris and dirt. The material of the lens and the care products interact efficiently and guarantee the best cleaning of germs. Almost everyone can wear Lunelle contact lenses. However, please first consult your oculist for advice. It is the only way you can ensure a proper use and optimal comfort. Please also note, that UV-blocker cannot be a substitute for sunglasses. Contact lenses with UV-protection can protect the cornea and the retina, but not the conjunctiva and the eyelids.

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We are proud to offer you a great selection of premium contact lenses, created by established brands such as Conflex, Lunelle, Menicon or Quantum. Feel free to test our excellent Conflex Air lens, those by Wöhlk / Zeiss which stand out due to their high oxygen permeability or the Conflex Air 100 UV lens which include an integrated UV-protection. In our catalogue you will also find a range of toric annual lens such as Lunelle Torique UV or spherical Lunelle ES 70 UV models which are also characterized by a high UV-protection. Those who want to purchase lens for permanent use and a fair price are welcome to try our first-class samples by Menicon. Whether Menicon EX, Menicon Soft 72 or Menicon Z alpha – we promise to afford you an appropriate fee / charge. Apart from these brands we also sell classic models by Bausch & Lomb such as Quantum 1 und Quantum 2. If you decide to acquire two pair of annual lens you can save a considerable amount of money.