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2x 360ml Goodlens multipurpose solution with hyaluronic acid 720ml

Price: 15.90 EUR

Package price: 13.95 EUR

You save 1,95 €


AOSept Plus, 2 x 360 ml by CIBA VISION

Price: 31.40 EUR

Package price: 29.95 EUR

You save 1,45 €


EasySept, 2 x 360 ml by Bausch & Lomb

Price: 19.40 EUR

Package price: 17.95 EUR

You save 1,45 €


Lens Plus OcuPure, 2 x 360 ml by AMO

Price: 13.90 EUR

Package price: 12.90 EUR

You save 1,00 €


OPTI-FREE RepleniSH, 2 x 300 ml by Alcon

Price: 19.90 EUR

Package price: 18.90 EUR

You save 1,00 €


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Brand contact lenses at the best prices

We are proud to offer you a great selection of premium contact lenses, created by established brands such as Conflex, Lunelle, Menicon or Quantum. Feel free to test our excellent Conflex Air lens, those by Wöhlk / Zeiss which stand out due to their high oxygen permeability or the Conflex Air 100 UV lens which include an integrated UV-protection. In our catalogue you will also find a range of toric annual lens such as Lunelle Torique UV or spherical Lunelle ES 70 UV models which are also characterized by a high UV-protection. Those who want to purchase lens for permanent use and a fair price are welcome to try our first-class samples by Menicon. Whether Menicon EX, Menicon Soft 72 or Menicon Z alpha – we promise to afford you an appropriate fee / charge. Apart from these brands we also sell classic models by Bausch & Lomb such as Quantum 1 und Quantum 2. If you decide to acquire two pair of annual lens you can save a considerable amount of money.