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  • All-in-One Solution
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  • Contact lenses for day and night
  • AIR OPTIX NIGHT & DAY AQUA, (2 x 6) Monthly Lenses by CIBA VISION

    78.80 EUR

    77.40 EUR

    You save 1,40 €


  • Soflens Toric, (2 x 6) Toric Monthly Lenses by Bausch & Lomb

    61.90 EUR

    59.95 EUR

    You save 1,95 €


  • ACUVUE OASYS, (2 x 6) Weekly Lenses by Johnson & Johnson

    42.80 EUR

    41.50 EUR

    You save 1,30 €


  • Biofinity, (2 x 6) Monthly Lenses by CooperVision

    42.80 EUR

    41.95 EUR

    You save 0,85 €


  • ColourVue Glamour Aqua, (1 x 2) 3-months colored lenses by Maxvue Vision

    16.95 EUR


  • ColourVue Glamour Gray, (1 x 2) 3-months colored lenses by Maxvue Vision

    16.95 EUR


  • ColourVue Glamour Blue, (1 x 2) 3-months colored lenses by Maxvue Vision

    16.95 EUR


  • ColourVue Glamour Green, (1 x 2) 3-months colored lenses by Maxvue Vision

    16.95 EUR


  • ColourVue Glamour Honey, (1 x 2) 3-months colored lenses by Maxvue Vision

    16.95 EUR


  • ColourVue Glamour Violet, (1 x 2) 3-months colored lenses by Maxvue Vision

    16.95 EUR


  • 1 x 360ml Aqua Rubin multipurpose solution with hyaluronic acid 360ml

    7.95 EUR


  • AOSept Plus, 1 x 360 ml by CIBA VISION

    15.70 EUR


  • Easy Sept, 1 x 360 ml by Bausch & Lomb

    9.70 EUR


  • ReNu MultiPlus Fresh Lens Comfort, 1 x 360ml by Bausch & Lomb

    11.95 EUR


  • Menicon SP Care, 1 x 120 ml by Menicon

    12.95 EUR


  • Boston Simplus, 1 x 120 ml by Bausch & Lomb

    10.70 EUR


  • Sensitive Eyes Saline, 1 x 355 ml by Bausch & Lomb

    5.95 EUR


  • Lens Plus OcuPure 1 x 240 ml by AMO

    5.95 EUR


  • Storage solution Boston Advance, 1 x 120 ml by Bausch & Lomb

    9.70 EUR


  • Lens Plus OcuPure, 1 x 360 ml by AMO

    6.95 EUR



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